Mandating hpv vaccination

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And back in 2006, there was an initial push to require the vaccine following its approval.This may have seemed premature and left a “bitter taste” for policymakers, although this new research cannot explain why HPV vaccines have been treated differently than previous vaccines said Jason Schwartz, one of the authors of the letter and health policy researcher at Princeton University.Long-term side effects of HPV vaccine are unknown; 5.The vaccine's enduring effectiveness is unknown and booster shots may be required; and 6.Limited health care dollars should not be directed toward cervical cancer prevention; and 5.

“Since the vaccine was first recommended in 2006, there has been a 56 percent reduction in vaccine type HPV infections among teen girls in the U.

A large body of evidence supports the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, and several studies have found that getting the shots does not lead to kids engaging in more risky sexual behavior.

“That’s been pretty persuasively put to bed,” Schwartz said.

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