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Brown and M Morris Characterization of Impact Properties of Forged, Layered, and Additive Manufactured Titanium Alloy, Melissa Kathryn Matthes Link Characterization of sulfur bonding in Cd S: O buffer layers for Cd Te-based thin-film solar cells, Douglas A. Kephart, Kimberly Horsley, Monika Blum, Michelle Mezhert, Lothar Weinhardt, Marc Häming, Regan G. Pelton Comparing the Effects of Two Utility Value Interventions on Graduate Students' Interest, Performance, and Perceptions of Utility Value, Ivan Vladimirov Ivanov Comparison of isoinertial to simulated inertial force from a controlled resistance exercise device for spaceflight - biomed 2011, David Paulus, Daniel Settlage, and Brian Schilling Comparison of Pre Workout Nitric Oxide Stimulating Dietary Supplements on Skeletal Muscle Oxygen Saturation, Blood Nitrate/Nitrite, Lipid Peroxidation, and Upper Body Exercise Performance in Resistance Trained Men, Richard Bloomer, Tyler Farney, John Trepanowski, Cameron Mc Carthy, Robert Canale, and Brian Schilling Concurrent Mental Health and Sport Performance Enhancement in an Athlete Initiating Behavioral Intervention with No Assessed Pathology: A Case Examination Supporting Optimization, Yulia Gavrilova Link Configural Behavior Settings of Crime Event Locations Toward an Alternative Conceptualization of Criminogenic Microenvironments, Timothy C. Miethe Connecting culturally and spiritually to healthy eating: A community assessment with Native Hawaiians, Mary Frances Oneha, Joan Dodgson, Mabel Ho`oipo De Cambra, Carol Titcomb, Rachelle Enos, and Sandie Morimoto-Ching Consanguinity Protocols, Kinship and Incest in Literature of the Anglo-Saxon through Early Renaissance Periods, Richard J. Brown File Dan Lubin Interview, Dan Lubin Link Dating and sexual behavior among single parents of young children in the United States, Peter B. Brown, Ronald Blount, N Frank, and A Smith How Modifiable Is Behavior? Di Maggio Response to comments on Belar et al., Cynthia Belar, Robert Brown, Lee Hersch, Lynne Hornyak, Ronald Rozensky, Edward Sheridan, Ronald Brown, and Geoffrey Reed Response to Malcolm Bush and Jeanne Giovannoni, Leroy H. Pelton Review of Observational Methods in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Implications for Diagnosis, Kathleen Platzman, Mary Story, Ronald Brown, Claire Coles, Iris Smith, and Arthur Falek Review of the Measurement of Semantic Satiation, Leroy H. Esposito Risk of Multiple Myeloma In Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Meta-Analysis of Case-Control and Cohort Studies, Kaini Shen, Gufeng Xu, Qing Wu, Daobin Zhou, and Jian Li Risk-Resistance-Adaptation Model for Children with Sickle Cell Syndromes and Their Caregivers, Ronald Brown, Richard Lambert, Danielle Devine, Kevin Baldwin, Robert Casey, Karla Doepke, Carolyn Levers, Lewis Hsu, Iris Buchanan, and James Eckman Risk-Resistance-Adaptation Model for Pediatric Chronic Illness: Sickle Cell Syndrome as an Example, Ronald Brown, Karla Doepke, and Nadine Kaslow Risk-Taking and Smoking Tendency Among Primarily African American School Children: Moderating Influences of Peer Susceptibility, B Fuemmeler, L Taylor, A Metz, and Ronald Brown Ritalin, Ronald T. Pelton Sequential and Simultaneous Processing in Pediatric Oncology Patients, Ronald Brown, Avi Madan-Swain, Abdel Ragab, L Good, L Wilson, and Ray Paris Sex Disparities in Access to Acute Stroke Care: Can Telemedicine Mitigate this Effect? Boehme, Karen Albright, Tzu-Ching Wu, Michael Mullen, Sean Savitz, Charles Branas, James Grotta, and Brendan Carr File Sextortion: How Big a Problem Is It?

Wilks, Timo Hofmann, Wanli Yang, Marcus Bär, Walajabad S. Warren Consensus Statement on ADHD, R Barkley, E Cook, M Dulcan, S Campbell, M Prior, M Gillberg, M Solanto-Gardner, J Halperin, J Bauermeister, S Pliszka, M Stein, J Werry, and Ronald Brown Considerations for Implementing a Hotel Revenue Management System, Akram Mahesh Consistency of lower body dimensions using surface landmarks and simple measurement tools, Johnpaul Caia, Lawrence Weiss, Loren Chiu, Brian Schilling, and Max Paquette Contextualizing Indian Gaming for the National Gambling Impact Study Commission, Laurie Arnold Correlates of Teacher Ratings, Sustained Attention, and Impulsivity In Hyperactive and Normal Boys, Ronald Brown and Martha Wynne Correlation Between VACS Index and Frailty in HIV People and How It Affects Cognition and Brain Volume, Aslee Welch and Beau Ances, Ph D Cortisol and Stress Responses During a Game and Practice in Female Collegiate Soccer Players, Kanae Haneishi, Andrew Fry, Christopher Moore, Brian Schilling, Yuhua Li, and Mary Fry Link Counseling With HEART: A Relationship Violence Prevention Program for College Students, Danica G. Factors of Influence for Adherence to Provisions to Protect Minors in the Sale of Gambling Products., Doris Malischnig How Much Stimulant Medication is Appropriate for Hyperactive School Children? Cummings and Daniel Maserang Research Universities: Mississippi and Nevada, Brookings Mountain West and Lincy Institute Resolving the Crisis in Child Welfare: Simply Expanding the Present System is Not Enough, Leroy H. Brown Role of HIV-1 Nef Lysine Residues 4 and 7 in the Interaction with Calnexin and Inhibition of ABCA1 Activity, Valeria Kaufman; Michael Burkinsky, MD, Ph D; and Ruth Hunegnaw, MSc, Ph D Candidate Role strain, C Levers and Ronald Brown Scardovia Wiggsiae Prevalence in Orthodontic Patients, Brandon Joseph Streiff Scholarly Literature Review: Management of Neurocognitive Late Effects with Stimulant Medication, Brian Daly and Ronald Brown School psychology and early education: Contributions of Boyd R. , Benjamin Wittes Sexual Harassment in Las Vegas Nightclub Industry, Ksenia Kondratyuk Link Sexuality among fathers of newborns in Jamaica, Peter B.

Physical and Cognitive Development, Claire Coles, Ronald Brown, Iris Smith, Kathleen Platzman, Stephen Erickson, and Arthur Falek Effects of Salinity on Plant Development of in vitro Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas) Explants and Growth of Pakchoi (Brassica rapa var. Link Exposure to violence, substance use, and neighborhood context, Abigail A. Sullivan and Jillian Inouye Feingold's Diet, E Sutter and Ronald Brown Five-Year Follow-up of Children Exposed Prenatally to Alcohol, Claire Coles, Ronald Brown, Iris Smith, Kathleen Platzman, and Arthur Falek Food Additives, E Sutter and Ronald Brown Link Food Sharing among Hadza Hunter-Gatherer Children, Alyssa N. Zes Force-Velocity, Impulse-Momentum Relationships: Implications for Efficacy of Purposefully Slow Resistance Training, Brian Schilling, Michael Falvo, and L Chiu Forecasting The School-to-Prison Pipeline: A Generative Case Study of Early Literacy Experiences of Black Male Youth, Tarryn E.

Kaslow, Ronald Brown, and Laura Mee Cognitive and Psychosocial Sequelae for Children with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and Their Families, Avi Madan-Swain and Ronald Brown Cognitive, Neuropsychological, and Academic Sequelae in Children with Leukemia, Ronald Brown and Avi Madan-Swain Cognitive Psychology and Social Change, Leroy H. Pelton Interventions for Problem Gamblers in the Correctional System, Nigel E. González, Ph D; and Jaileene Pérez-Morales, MEng Isolated Cardiomyocytes from Transgenic Mouse Hearts Show Tissue-specific m TOR Overexpression, Regina Kuhia; Takashi Matsui, MD, Ph D; Jason K. Shimada, BA Is Poverty a Key Contributor to Child Abuse and Neglect? Pelton Judicial Differences in Protective Orders Issuance Rates: An Examination of Courtroom Actors, Case Aspects, and Individual Characteristics, Elena Alexandra Bejinariu File Justice for Problem Gamblers? Cho, Daryl Boykin, and Lena Shulga Kimmo Hakola's Diamond Street and Loco: A Performance Guide, Erin Elizabeth Vander Wyst Knowledge of Physician Prescriptions and Adherence to Treatment Among Children with Cystic Fibrosis and Their Mothers, C Levers, Ronald Brown, D Drotar, D Caplan, B Pishevar, and R Lambert Laboratory Evaluation of Geogrid-Reinforced Flexible Pavements, Mohammadreza Sharbaf Link Larrea tridentata Uptake of Trace Metals in Mine Tailings within an Arid Region of Nevada, USA, Douglas B. Kaplan, Anna Nápoles, Sharon Davis, Monica Lopez, Rena J. Pérez-Stable Leading a Horse to Water: Writing Workshops for Engineering Graduate Students, Susan Wainscott and Julia A. Taylor Living Donor Kidney Transplantation: A Focus on the Socioecological Model to Determine Why Hispanics/Latinos Have a Disproportionate Amount of Kidney Transplants When Compared to Other Ethnic Groups, Melissa Wenceslao; Amy D. Thomason Link Metagenome Sequencing of the Hadza Hunter-Gatherer Gut Microbiota, Simone Rampelli, Stephanie L. Wong, Paul Lauzon, Todd Maki, Jason Allsopp, and Darcen Esau "Mi niño con asma": Hispanic/Latina Mothers, Environmental Justice, And Photovoice At The Front Lines Of The Asthma Epidemic, Robin A. Brown, Elizabeth Dreelin, and Arden Dingle Nevada Legal Services: The Legal Services Corporation Restrictions and the Diminishing Capacity of Access to Justice for the Poor, William Todd Ashmore File Nevada: Powered by the Sun: The Impact and Potential of Rooftop Solar in Nevada, Robert E. Walker Novel Pathways to High-Efficiency Chalcopyrite Photovoltaic Devices: A Spectroscopic Investigation of Alternative Buffer Layers and Alkali-Treated Absorbers, Michelle Mezher Obituary: Raymond K. Bailey, MS Overview of Psychopharmacology in Children and Adolescents, Ronald Brown, Arden Dingle, and Steven Landau Oxidative Stress Response in Trained Men following Repeated Squats or Sprints, Richard Bloomer, Michael Falvo, Andrew Fry, Brian Schilling, Webb Smith, and Christopher Moore Pahrump Valley High School 2015 College & Career Aspirations Survey, Caitlin Joanne Saladino Painful Procedures in Pediatric Cancer: A Comparison of Interventions, Wendy Kuppenheimer and Ronald Brown Parallel Static Object Detection, Tirambad Shiwakoti Parental Psychopathology and Children's Adjustment to Leukemia, Ronald Brown, Nadine Kaslow, Avi Madan-Swain, Karla Doepke, Sandra Sexon, and Lauren Hill Parent and Child Psychological Factors in Pediatric Syncope and Other Somatic Symptoms, Ronald Blount, Julie Morris, Patricia Cheng, Robert Campbell, and Ronald Brown Parent's Decision-Making Process in Medication Administration for Control of Hyperactivity, Lynda Slimmer and Ronald Brown Parents’ Perception of Youth Gambling and Other Risk Behaviors, Valentina Kranzelic, Neven Ricijas, Dora Dodig Hundric, Toni Maglica, and Martina Feric Parkinson’s Disease and Resistive Exercise: Rationale, Review, and Recommendations, Michael Falvo, Brian Schilling, and Gammon Earhart Paths to Innovation, Megan Downs, Robyn Campbell-Ouchida, and Shane Bevell Patterns of Compliance in a Treatment Program for Children with Attention Deficit Disorder, Ronald Brown, Kathi Borden, M Wynne, A Spunt, and Stephen Clingerman Patterns of Synorogenic Sedimentation Associated with the Unroofing of the Willard-Paris-Meade Thrust Sheets, Sevier Fold-Thrust Belt, Amanda Gentry Paying Attention to the Integration of Research and Practice, Ronald Brown PCR for Bioaerosol Monitoring: Sensitivity and Environmental Interference, AJ Alvarez, Mark P. Pelton Special Issue of the UNLV Gaming Research & Review Journal: Goffman in Las Vegas: Gambling, Fatefulness, and Risk Society, Dmitri N.

Pelton Cognitive Restructuring for the Treatment of Gambling Related Thoughts: a Systematic Review, Maxime Chrétien, Isabelle Giroux, Annie Goulet, Christian Jacques, and Stéphane Bouchard Cognitive sequelae of cancer treatment, B. Daly and Ronald Brown Cognitive Status of Children Treated with Central Nervous System Prophylactic Chemotherapy for Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, Ronald Brown, Avi Madan-Swain, Ray Paris, Richard Lambert, Kevin Baldwin, Robert Casey, Natalie Frank, Sandra Sexon, Abdel Ragab, and Randy Kamphaus Cognitive Therapy and Stimulant Medication for ADD Children: Comparative and Combined Effects, R Geniesse, Ronald Brown, and Kathi Borden Collective Film Camera in Shanghai: A Business Plan, Sha Li Link Collisional quenching of highly rotationally excited HF, B. Successes and Not-yet-Successes of a Problem Gambling Diversion Law, Sarah St John, Dayvid J. Longo Learning disabilities: Complementary views from neuroscience, neuropsychology and public health, Ronald Brown, B Daly, and G Stefanatos Literacy and Social Justice: Understanding Student Perceptions and Conceptions about Literature, Jennifer Marie Crosthwaite Link Lithium isotopes and light lithophile element abundances in shergottites: Evidence for both magmatic degassing and subsolidus diffusion, Arya Udry, Harry Y. Waterman, Ph D; Crystal Kynard-Amerson, MPH; and Au Bre Parnicky, MSW Localization of Fulicin-like Immunoreactivity in the Central Nervous System and Periphery of Biomphalaria glabrata, an Intermediate Host for Schistosomiasis, Anthony Hernandez-Vasquez; MW Miller, Ph D; S Rolon-Martinez, BS; LO Vaasjo, BS; and MB Rodriguez Locus of Control and its Relationship to Intelligence and Achievement, Ronald Brown Longitudinal Follow-up of the Intellectual and Academic Functioning of Children Receiving Central Nervous System-Prophylactic Chemotherapy for Leukemia: A Four-Year Final Report, Ronald Brown, Sawyer Michael, Antoniou Georgia, Ian Toogood, and Michael Rice Long-Term Efficacy of Methylphenidate in Enhancing Attention Regulation, Social Skills, and Academic Abilities of Childhood Cancer Survivors, Heather Conklin, Wilburn Reddick, Jason Ashford, Susan Ogg, Scott Howard, Brannon Morris, Ronald Brown, Melanie Bonner, Robbin Christensen, Shengjie Wu, Xiaoping Xiong, and Raja Khan File Lottery Economics and Demand: Global Perspectives, Ian Walker, Robert E. Schnorr, Clarissa Consolandi, Silvia Turroni, Marco Severgnini, Clelia Peano, Patrizia Brigidi, Alyssa N. Henry, and Marco Candela Methods of Teaching Social Intelligence and its Impact on Service Quality, Martee Fischman Methylphenidate and Adolescents Hospitalized with Conduct Disorder: Dose Effects on Classroom Behavior, Academic Performance, and Impulsivity, Ronald Brown, Steven Jaffe, Jeffrey Silverstein, and Harry Mc Gee Methylphenidate and Attentional, Behavioral, and Cardiovascular Functioning in ADD boys, Ronald Brown Methylphenidate and Cognitive Therapy in ADD Children: A Double-Blind Trial, Ronald Brown, Martha Wynne, Kathi Borden, Stephen Clingerman, R Geniesse, and A Spunt Methylphenidate and Cognitive Therapy with ADD children: A Methodological Reconsideration, Ronald Brown, Kathi Borden, Martha Wynne, Robert Schleser, and Stephen Clingerman Methylphenidate in Hyperkinetic Children: Differences in Dose Effects on Impulsive Behavior, Ronald Brown and Esther Sleator Microbial Contamination of Ice at Food Establishments in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jerry Wills Link Micromorphology and formation of pedogenic ooids in calcic soils and petrocalcic horizons, Colin R. Evans-Agnew RN, Ph D; Julie Postma RN, Ph D; and Lee Sledd M. Buchanan Dr MT1a m RNA Expression in Human Lung Cells (BEAS 2B) After Airborne PM10 and Copper Exposure: A Possible Biomarker for Asthma, Mariela Rosa-Casillas; Noé Crespo-Hernández, BS; Mario Ortiz-Martínez; and Braulio Jiménez-Vélez Multicultural Education in Action: A Multiple Case Study of Black Elementary Aged Children's Identity Development and Engagement with Civil Rights Literature, Rebekah E. Lang Nevada Surface Transportation Factsheet : 6/2013, Brookings Mountain West Nichtdiskriminierung in der Besteurung und Verteilung des “Gemeinsamen Reichtums” in einer Nation (Nondiscrimination in the Taxation and Distribution of the Common Wealth of a National Community), Leroy H. Mulhern (1949–2005), Ronald Brown and Sean Phipps Of Wolves & Thieves: A Love Story, Kayla Miller On Being Human in the Inhuman World: Remembering Vladimir Yadov, Dmitri N. Treadmill Running: Do Runners Use the Same Strategy to Adjust Stride Length and Frequency While Running at Different Velocities? Buttner, and Linda Stetzenbach Pediatric burns, Kenneth J. Shalin File SPECIAL PANEL Academic Work on Women, Gambling, and Gaming: What Comes Next?

Gripentog Family Adaptation and Coping Among Siblings of Cancer Patients, their Brothers and Sisters and Nonclinical Controls, Avi Madan-Swain, Sandra Sexon, Ronald Brown, and Abdel Ragab Family-Friendly Las Vegas: An Analysis of Time and Space, Diana Tracy Cohen Family Functioning and Behavioral Adjustment in Children with Leukemia and their Healthy Peers, Julie Morris, Ronald Blount, Lindsey Cohen, Natalie Frank, Avi Madan-Swain, and Ronald Brown Family Functioning and Children's Adjustment to Chronic Illness: Concordance Between Children with Sickle Cell Disease and Caregivers, Ronald Brown and Richard Lambert Family Functioning and Social Support in the Adaptation of Caregivers of Children With Sickle Cell Syndromes, Carolyn Ievers, Ronald Brown, Richard Lambert, Lewis Hsu, and James Eckman Fast Transient Digitizer and PCB Interface, Kevin Thomas Buck Link Fatherhood in St.

Pryce, Rhys Wheeler, Nick Powdathvee, and Jia Yuan Love and Justice, Leroy H. Ed Misinforming Public Policy: The Illiberal Uses of Social Science, Leroy H. Piper Multinomial Logistic Regression to Estimate and Predict Perceptions of Bicycle and Transportation Infrastructure in a Sprawling Metropolitan Area, Courtney Coughenour, Alexander Paz, Hanns de la Fuente-Mella, and Ashok Singh Munchausen syndrome by proxy, K Byars, W Rodenberger-Kuppenheimer, and Ronald Brown Muscle Activation During Various Hamstring Exercises, Matthew Mc Allister, Kelley Hammond, Brian Schilling, Lucas Ferreria, Jacob Reed, and Lawrence Weiss Muscle Activity and Power Output Between Stationary and Outdoor Cycling, Jared Joerger Muscle Fiber and Performance Adaptations to Resistance with Myovive™, Colostrum or Casein and Whey Supplementation, Andrew Fry, Brian Schilling, Loren Chiu, LAWRENCE WEISS, R Kreider, and C Rasmussen Muscle Fiber Characteristics and Performance Correlates of Male Olympic-Style Weightlifters, Andrew Fry, Brian Schilling, R Staron, F Hagerman, R Hikida, and J Thrush Link Mutual vibrational quenching in CO H2 collisions, Robert C. Pelton No Prejudice Here: Racism, Resistance, and the Struggle for Equality in Denver, 1947-1994, Summer Marie Cherland File North American Casino Jurisdictions: Saturation, Maturation, and Free Markets, Clyde W. Shalin Link On the Importance of a Precise Cyrstal Structure for Simulating Gas Adsorption in Nanoporous Materials, Ketih V. Tarnowski, Ronald Brown, and A Dingle Pediatric burns, Kenneth J. Stancil Link Quantum dynamics of CO–H2 in full dimensionality, Benhui Yang, P. , Marybel Batjer, Debi La Plante, and Toni Repetti File SPECIAL PANEL Innovations in Lottery-based Responsible Gaming, Keith Whyte and Marlene D.

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