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Beginning in 1921, they moved to feature length comedies, including "Grandma's Boy" (1922), "Safety Last" (1923), and "Why Worry? Lloyd and Roach parted ways in 1924, and Lloyd became the independent producer of his own films.These included his great works "Girl Shy" (1924), "The Freshman" (1925)(his most successful silent film), "The Kid Brother" (1927), and "Speedy" (1928), his final silent film.DVD releases of restored versions of his major films are expected in 2005, along with limited theatrical screenings in New York and other U. Through the participation of Lloyd's granddaughter and estate trustee, Suzanne, the filmakers had full access to Lloyd's films and his personal archive.A highlight of this program were interviews with Lloyd's legendary friend and partner Hal Roach, then 95 years old.The British Thames Silents series re-released some of the feature films in the early 1990's on video (with new orchestral scores by Carl Davis), and these are frequently shown on the Turner Classic Movies (TCM) network.The 1990 documentary "Harold Lloyd, the Third Genius" by Kevin Brownlow and David Gill in 1990 also created a renewed interest in Lloyd's work. Lloyd was the subject of a television documentary series, Harold Lloyd: The Third Genius by Kevin Brownlow and David Gill, which followed similar acclaimed documentaries about the other great silent clowns, Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.Lloyd retired from the screen, with one final starring appearance in "The Sin of Harold Diddleback" (1948).

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The two hour documentary revealed the methods behind Lloyd's celebrated high-altitude stunts, which he never revealed in his lifetime.Some of the earliest 2-color Technicolor tests were shot at his Beverly Hills home.Lloyd kept copyright control of most of his films, and re-released them infrequently after his retirement.Lloyd made the transition to sound in 1929 with "Welcome Danger", and made a handful of sound films until 1937 (including the excellent ensemble film "Milky Way" in 1936).But his character was out of tune with movie audiences of the Great Depression, who failed to respond as before.

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