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Lot 495 is a post-war Hotchkiss M201 despite the reference to 'Willys' as are lots 496, 497, 498, 499, 500 & 501.Sometimes the chassis number is shown with lots of leading zeros, sometimes not - don't read anything into this.This continued to be the case until the factory finally closed in 1978. The final output of jeeps in 1978 consisted of MILAN missile launchers like the example below (which has had the launching post removed).

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conversion to 12 volt were lucky in a way in that they retained their original MB or GPW chassis identity which would be retained until they were finally demobbed and sold at auction.Jeeps re-manufactured from WW2 parts at La Maltourne are often referred to as 'Malt jeeps'.However, the term more correctly applies to four specially prepared jeeps, Malt 1, 2, 3 & 4.On the whole refurbished WW2 parts were used to construct these 'like new' jeeps but in the early 1950s Hotchkiss started making spare parts for Willys jeeps under licence in France so inevitably some WOF (Willys Overland France) stamped parts would have merged into the pool of vehicle Maltourne factory making it difficult to accurately date an ITM jeep from its number.When finally sold at auction during the 1970s onwards, ITM jeeps were also often described generically as '42 Willys MB' , 'Willys MB', Willys US 1948 model.

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