Are lauren graham and scott patterson dating

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Right now you have me working six to seven days an episode, and Alexis doing about the same.To do anything less than that just wasn't going to be the same show.Ultimately, neither of us wanted to do it without the other one. Graham: If she was in a place where she wanted, like, her own show or her own spin-off.... There was a time when we thought maybe I would produce and not be on the show in the same capacity.

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That was the other weird thing about ending the show like this. I hope when I'm 55 and I've been out of a job for a long time and those girls are running the studios that they remember Lorelai Gilmore.I do want to say that the studio and the network were very generous and very respectful in this whole process.We just didn't want to work the schedule we'd been working.And I think it evolved and got more comedic over the years; every year was an evolution.This year was strange sometimes because I had a lot less to say, and that was really weird. Graham: I really felt strongly that I was doing the job of a producer.

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